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curricular guidelines

The following are the policies and operational procedures that are followed in handling various issues that may arise during a student’s stay at the university. Please click through each to be guided accordingly.

The open admission policy of the university is in consonance with its mission to democratize access to education primarily catering to the financially challenged students who are intellectually capable of a college education. However, noting of the fast changing developments in the national and international arena as well as sustaining academic excellence, the university deems it proper to implement a retention policy to ensure that its graduates transform themselves to fit the needs of the community they opt to serve.

Upon fulfilling all the requirements prescribed in the curriculum, the student may be recommended for graduation by the Dean of the College subject to the following:

  • The candidate must be of good moral character;
  • He/She must have completed the prescribed program, provided that the last academic year was spent in the University; and
  • The candidate must have been cleared of all financial obligations in the University.


The completion of an incomplete grade of 7.1 (no final examination permit) shall be done within the immediate succeeding
semester. Upon payment of the outstanding account, the corresponding grade shall be automatically posted by the system. If the student cannot pay (in full or partial) within 45 days after the final exam, the grade shall be changed to 5.0 (failed).

The completion of an incomplete grade of 7.2 (lacks requirement) shall be done 45 days after the final exam. If the student cannot comply within the specific period the grade reflected in the class record shall be deemed final.

Request for reconsideration shall not be entertained if complied after the set deadline.

Procedure for Completion for NFEP (No Final Exam Permit)

The faculty shall allow the students without Exam Permits to take the Final Exam. The final grade of the students shall be computed and reflected in the class record only, and a 7.1 grade shall be written on the grading sheet.

The faculty shall advise the students concerned to submit their valid final permit within a 20 working day grace period after the scheduled exam to the Chief of Student Records Management (CSRM). Failure to submit within the prescribed period shall mean an automatic grade of 5.0 (Failed) which shall be posted in the Student Permanent Record (SPR).

Upon presentation of the permit, the CSRM shall post the final grade of the students as reflected in the class record submitted by the faculty.

Procedure for Completion for LR (Lack of Requirements)

The faculty shall reflect on the class record 7.2 for Lack of Requirement that the students have to submit.

The faculty shall advise the students concerned to submit the requirements within a 10 working day grace period after the scheduled exam. Failure to comply with the same within the prescribed period shall mean that the pre-computed grade by the faculty shall be deemed final.

The requirements shall be submitted to the Dean/Director. The Dean/Director shall call the attention of the instructor for the checking and evaluation of the requirements.

The instructor shall immediately submit the final grade to the Dean/Director together with the checked/evaluated reports.

The Dean/Director shall facilitate the completion of grade and submit the grade to the Registrar for immediate posting.

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Financial Delinquencies

The University reserves the right to withhold release or issuance of Transfer Credentials or Report of Grades, Transcript of Records and Diploma of students with outstanding accounts at the close of the semester and will not be permitted to register in the succeeding semester unless previous accounts are settled.

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